Buying October 25, 2022

Who Finds The House?

I sometimes hear people say, “I found the house that we bought, not the agent!”. Well, there has been a new invention that some people are using called, ummmmm……..the internet!! In today’s world, buyer’s know more about what’s available than agents because they are only looking for themselves. Also, these ridiculous tv shows make people think that we are taking them to houses that they don’t know exist without us, and that is rarely the case.

In the real world, we setup an automated search in the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for our clients based on what they are looking for and the system sends them the properties. The client then contacts us to say which of those properties they want to go and see. We schedule the showings and take our clients through the listings that they have chosen from the properties sent to them from the automated search that we setup. Occasionally, we may happen to know of a property that is not “on the market” (in the MLS) that we may make a client aware of. However, most MLS rules prohibit their members from not making those properties/listings available for other members of that MLS to show and sell. Therefore, it is somewhat rare for agents to have very many properties to show a buyer that are not already in the MLS and subsequently on the internet for sale.

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